10 Calming Gifts for People with Anxiety

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If you know someone with anxiety, you might be wondering if there’s anything you can get for them as a way to show your support, especially if you can’t be with them all the time. Besides actually being there for someone, listening to them, and being a good friend, here are 10 gifts for people with anxiety (or anxiety gifts for yourself :)) or helpful anti-anxiety products for anxiety.

Gifts for Someone with Anxiety

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These anxiety products are great gifts for someone who worries or as general stress relief products and gift ideas.

You could even combine a few of these anti-anxiety gifts to create a special anxiety gift basket for yourself or someone else.

10 Gifts for Someone with Anxiety | Products for Anxiety

1. Inspirational mug with calming herbal tea for anxiety

You could make a cute mini gift set by pairing an inspirational mug with a box of herbal (decaf) tea or a few teabags in the mug, and then wrap the whole thing with cellophane and a ribbon.

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2. CBD Oil

Discovering CBD oil was a big help for me. It feels calming and relaxing, and with CBD only, you get the positive benefits and not the “high.”

Products We Recommend:

2. A Spa Box

A spa box can include lots of bath goodies like bath bombs, candles, bath salts, handmade soap, and more, and having a spa day can help you relax and unwind from the day. 🙂

You can also try making some homemade bath bombs or a DIY sugar scrub for a fun DIY gift.

4. Mindfulness Cards for anxiety

These Mindfulness Cards are a deck of colorful cards that each contain an inspirational quote or phrase to keep you mindful and inspired throughout the day. They also have a mindfulness exercise on the reverse side so you have something concrete to do as an action step.

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5. Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

Weighted blankets are a soothing and comforting way to relieve anxiety and sleeplessness. I recently got one and it’s great! It’s like a regular blanket but it has little pellets sewn into it to give the blanket a little bit of weight (10 pounds total for the size I got) that feels like a hug or massage (actually it’s kind of like there’s a cat sleeping on you haha).

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Bag of epsom salts

6. Calming Scented Bath Salts

Lavender is a very relaxing scent to add to your bath time, and this one comes in pretty packaging.  It can also be part of an inexpensive idea for self care. For a DIY gift, you could also try making your own bath products!

Yoga mat

7. Yoga mat and gift certificate for a class

For free instruction and classes, you can watch yoga videos on Youtube.

Yoga is a nice way to de-stress and relax while also getting exercise.

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8. Online Counseling

For the ultimate way to change and transform your life for good, consider investing in professional online counseling (that you can do from the comfort of your own home) for you or a loved one.

Essential oil diffuser

9. Essential Oil Diffuser

If you want to diffuse your essential oils from above throughout your room or home, you can use an essential oil diffuser for this exact purpose. It diffuses out a mist-like stream of your essential oils over a period of time and is also a beautiful decoration for your home.

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White noise machine

10. White noise machine for anxiety

If you have trouble sleeping at night, a white noise machine with the sounds of nature, a forest, the ocean, or other soundtracks might help relax you and lull you into sleep.

Bonus: Monthly relaxing subscription box

Get a regular infusion of anxiety-busting, relaxing self care and mindfulness items in the mail with a self care subscription box.  Perfect as a gift!

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