10 Simple Ways to De-Stress Your Life

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This is a guest post by Emily Evans. (www.justbreatheandread.com)

I’m excited to share some of my favorite life organizational tips and tricks I’ve used over the years to help relax when things get stressful! Here are 10 simple ways to de-stress your life.

I'm excited to share some of my favorite life organizational tips and tricks I've used over the years to help relax when things get stressful! Here are 10 simple ways to de-stress your life.

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10 Simple Ways to De-Stress Your Life

As someone with anxiety, I’ve learned over the years that keeping my life more organized helps reduce my stress/worries, so I set out to find brilliant and easy ways of keeping my life and home organized.

Where do I begin?

Purchase and Actually USE a Planner/Agenda

This is a great place to start if you’re trying to get more organized. It might be hard to get in the habit of writing everything down at first, but if you really try to stick to it… it will stick with you! I love the fact that I can always go back in my agenda to refer to certain dates and events.

I just purchased a super cute agenda a couple of months ago, and I’m still obsessed with it. If you’re not the type to pencil in and carry a planner around with you, there are many apps out there to help keep you organized, including Evernote, Asana, Trello, or the notes app on your phone.

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“Me” Time

This one is a MUST. You have to make time for yourself, to do something that makes you happy. Whether that be a hobby or doing little things to pamper yourself. I love to pamper myself with Perfectly Posh products, or you can do other self care activities like meditation, reading a book, or just quietly relaxing.

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Recording Your Bills in One Place

Since I’ve started writing all of our bills down in a notebook I have felt a sense of relief in our financial life. I dedicate a single notebook page for each month, and unfortunately our bills list almost fills it completely.

I start by writing down the bill name, how much is owed, and the due date. Now that I’ve been keeping track for months I’m able to put the bills in order by due date.

I won’t lie, before doing this I was missing payment due dates and feeling very overwhelmed with it all. Plus seeing all of our bills and the balances down on paper inspired me to budget better! Win-Win!

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Check the Weather & Plan Your Outfit

Seriously! I know the weather isn’t always spot on, but that’s why I check it every night before bed when I plan my outfit. I’d rather stress about what I’m going to wear the night before than the morning of when I’m already tired and grumpy to get up and going! Makes sense right?

Clean Out Your E-mail Inboxes

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I have four e-mail accounts between work and personal life. Which means a ton of notifications and e-mails to sort through daily.

I had hundreds, probably thousands now that I think about it, of e-mails piled in my personal inbox. Sure, you can use the search bar to look for certain e-mails but that doesn’t always work and can take time depending how many e-mails are piled in there.

I finally got fed up with all the virtual clutter and took a couple of hours (yes, you read that right) to clean them out. It was extremely repetitive and got boring after a while. But in the end the decluttering of my inboxes felt AND looked so rewarding.

Keeping a Clean Work Area

Look around your current work area/desk…. what do you all see? Does ALL of that really need to be there in front of you? I’d take a good guess that most of it could be out of sight and out of mind, right? SO DO IT!

Having a cluttered work-space is going to be distracting and overwhelming, so keeping it simple and clean is a huge stress reducer. I bought a couple file cabinets to expand storage AND surface space. Excellent purchases in my opinion!

Go Paperless

If you haven’t done this already, I don’t know what you’re waiting for! Save trees AND clutter around the house. Plus it’s super convenient to just log into your email to find any bill details you need. You still get the bill in plenty of time before it’s due too. Which brings me to my next de-stressor!

Set Up Auto-Pay

Setting up auto-pay will ease your mind of making sure that each bill is paid and some companies will even give you a discount for doing so. You might be thinking, “Well then why do I need to write my bills down like you listed above?”

You don’t have to set ALL of your bills to auto-pay, I certainly don’t (and you might not be able to for every bill). Even if I did, I would still want them written down to be able to see the totals and balances all in one spot to make sure I always have the funds needed.

Be Early

I always give myself more vs. not enough time to get ready and travel to work, meetings, appointments, or social gatherings. This wasn’t always the case though. I have always been quite the procrastinator for EVERYTHING, but mostly time.

I was always showing up late which stressed me out so much, so I knew I needed to change my habits. I started waking up earlier and moving faster knowing that I would feel much less tense doing so.

Overall I’ve been able to give myself more time to get places which has helped de-stress my life.

Un-Plug Breaks

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that research has shown a link between uninterrupted cell phone/computer/television use with stress, lost sleep, and depression. How many nights do you spend just lying in bed staring at your social media feeds? Not only is this stress on your eyes, but also your mind.

My full-time job requires me to stare at a computer screen for about seven hours of my day, and that doesn’t include the time I spend blogging and researching at home. I’ve learned to take small breaks (about 10 minutes every hour if able) from all electronics. If you can, also try taking quick 30 second breaks every so often just to look out a window or at nature.

To wrap this post up, I want to encourage you to think of tips that you already do to de-stress your life.

Thanks for reading!

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