4 Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back from Being Happy

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If you’re struggling with being unhappy, it’s possible that some of your long-held limiting beliefs are actually getting in the way. Here’s how to identify limiting beliefs with these 4 examples of hidden beliefs holding you back from being happy.

Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back from Being Happy

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4 Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back from Being Happy

1. Happiness Limiting Belief: “It’s ok for other people to be happy, but not me.”

Sometimes we think that happiness is something that’s fine for other people, but it’s just not for us. That other people deserve to be happy, but we don’t.

But if you tell yourself that you’re not going to be happy, then this might be something that holds you back.

2. Limiting Belief Example: “I’m not meant to be happy.”

Similar to the previous belief, some people think happiness is something that’s pre-determined and you’re either born with it or not. I, however, believe that anyone can learn to be happy with the right skills.

3. Limiting Belief: “Happiness is outside of my control. / I can’t just choose to be happy.”

Unfortunately, if you believe that happiness is outside of your control, then it will continue to be outside of your control and seem to be caused only by mysterious forces.

In reality, your beliefs about life and your attitude create happiness, and your beliefs are one thing that is 100% in your control.

Sometimes people think that you can’t choose to be happy. Can you choose to be happy? Here’s what I think.

Yes and no.

When I say you have to “choose” to be happy, I don’t mean that you can snap your fingers and suddenly you’re super happy and all your problems are gone (that would be kind of cool though ;)).

I mean that you have to choose to go down this path toward happiness and personal growth.

For the most part, happiness isn’t something that just randomly falls into your lap or is gifted to certain magical “chosen” people – it comes from an active decision to see things in a positive way and take responsibility for your life.

It is a choice to put forth conscious effort in this area.

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You alone are responsible for your happiness.

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You choose to walk down this path that ultimately leads to happiness. You choose to say, “I’m going to be happy.” You have to continue walking down the path and consciously putting in the effort to improve your attitude and your life. And it usually doesn’t happen overnight.

Sometimes happiness is a by-product of some other choice in life, like doing what you love or pursuing your passion. You might find that if you’re living your life the way you want to, you’re naturally happy.

Other times, you have to work more for it and actively seek to find the good in life and be grateful for what you have.

Being happy always starts with the choice to be happy, but it doesn’t end there. ?

After you make the decision that you want to be happy or improve your life, you’ll probably have to let go of a lot of beliefs that are trying to hold you back, or the negative self talk telling you that you don’t deserve to be happy.

Or maybe you’re holding onto some ideas that happy people are a certain way and you’d never want to be “one of those people,” or that you’re a victim and can never be happy because of your past, or you’re blaming other people for your unhappiness.

Forgiveness work can be helpful for this.

But once you clear out all the things that are holding you back, the path to happiness becomes simple.

Above all else, remember this:

Happiness is not something you find, but something you create.

4. Limiting Belief: “I’m too broken to ever be happy.”

I strongly believe that no one in the world is too “damaged” or “broken” to be beyond hope.

No matter what your past, you can always choose to start fresh today and create a newer and happier future. It all depends on what you believe.

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All of these self limiting beliefs have a similar theme that your beliefs create happiness, and what you choose to believe is within your control.

Therefore, happiness is ultimately something that’s in your control because it comes down to what you choose to believe about life and having a positive attitude, regardless of your circumstances or situation.

Are any of these beliefs holding you back? 🙂

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If you practice gratitude regularly, you might start to notice that you could be happy with any number of situations.

But the real question is, what do you really want? What would truly make you happy?

Yes, you could be happy with probably any circumstances out there, but if you’re at the point in your personal development journey when you’re able to ask questions like these, then I encourage you to strive higher and keep going toward what you really want.

I heard a coach say once that for whatever dream you have in life, there is a similar dream out there. A photo copy version of it. It looks similar, maybe it even feels similar, maybe it has some of the same reasons why you had that dream in the first place.

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If you’re recognizing that what you have right now isn’t quite right, then keep going toward your real goals.

You could be happy with any kind of life, but if you’ve come this far, you can go a little farther.

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