5 Ways to Be More Positive

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Being positive is easier than you think! With just a few small mindset changes, you can be happier and be more positive regardless of your current situation. Here are 5 ways to be more positive in your everyday life.

5 Ways to Be More Positive

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5 Ways to Be More Positive

1. See the good in people

It’s easy to find things to complain about in life and reasons to gossip, but it’s kind of a fun challenge to see the good in people. So if someone does something wrong or gets on your nerves, instead of jumping to conclusions and assuming the worst, how can you still see the good in them?

Now, I’m not talking about when someone is genuinely harmful to you, but in general. If you see bad things happening on the news, how can you seek out the times when people are doing random acts of kindness or creating other positive change in the world?

There are good people in the world, I promise. You just have to look for them. 🙂

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2. Have gratitude for everything in your life right now

Your life might not be exactly the way you want it to be right now, but you can still be grateful for what you do have. I like to have the attitude of being grateful for what I have now while trying to improve things for the future, too.

So it’s not being grateful in a complacent way, like you’re not going to change anything and you’re accepting the status quo, but just recognizing and appreciating whatever good things already exist in your life, however small.

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3. Let go of negative influences in your life

Letting go of the negative things in your life can mean not watching the news, not following celebrity drama, unfollowing people on social media who are super negative or always talk about how the world is ending, and more.

Figure out what “channel” of communication you spend the most time using or watching (like social media, TV, hanging out in real life, etc) and slowly let go of the parts of it that really just make you feel bad.

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4. Ask yourself, “How can I see this in a positive way?”

This is a great question to ask yourself when you feel tempted to complain or see something negatively. While there’s a time and place for that, most of the time it’s helpful if we keep a positive attitude about what’s going on in life.

Just ask, “How can I see this in a positive way?” Miss a bus? Maybe it wasn’t meant for you. Maybe you’ll meet an old friend on the next bus. Who knows? 🙂

5. Be genuinely happy for other people’s success and happiness.

This is some next-level positivity right here. If you’re feeling down, it can be really hard to be happy for other people’s wins and happiness, but if you think about it, it actually just means that it’s possible for you too.

Seek out positive and successful role models who you can look to for advice about how to improve your life.

Happiness is not something that if one person has it, that means someone else can’t have it. Happiness is an unlimited abstract concept, and usually when a few people are happy, it becomes contagious and starts spreading to other people. ?

So if you see someone doing well at something, congratulate them and be excited for their victories. It means it’s possible for you too!

How do you think positively? 🙂

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