10 Personal Development Blogs to Improve Your Life

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The internet is a great source of information about how to improve your life, with thousands of different blogs and websites designed to help you make a change. But how do you know which ones are good? Here are 10 personal development blogs to improve and change your life.

They all have slightly different points of view on simplicity, happiness, and life itself, but learning about different perspectives can give you a richer understanding of how to live a life you love.

Best Personal Development Blogs

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I use the phrase “changed my life” all the time, but there were seriously so many things that changed my life for the better.

If you really focus on applying what you learn, there are many different books, blogs, and resources out there that all have the potential to change your life. You just have to be open to it. 🙂

Personal Development Blogs to Improve Your Life

10 Personal Development Blogs | Personal Growth Blogs | Personal Development Websites

1. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is an amazing blog about happiness, forgiveness, and improving yourself. It’s about finding the wisdom to get through your life with meaning, passion, and joy.

There are so many hundreds of articles on here by hundreds of different authors and guest bloggers, so there are always new perspectives to learn from.

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2. Zen Habits

Zen Habits

3. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is a business and life coach and one of the first female entrepreneurs I ever followed online. Although she does some stuff about business (such as her business course), most of her free weekly videos are just general tips for improving your life, productivity, stress busting, self improvement, and following your passions.

4. The Positivity Blog

The Positivity Blog

5. Embracing Simple

Embracing Simple

6. The Blissful Mind

The Blissful Mind

7. Sally Hope
This blog is where I discovered the idea of “feeling your feelings” and sitting with the discomfort and seeing what it’s trying to tell you rather than pushing it away. She has great ideas about how to improve your life.

8. Kat Loterzo
Kat Loterzo is a great coach for when you need someone to kick me in the butt and back into taking action again. Her work can be offensive at times (and she drops the f bomb every other word), so make sure you’re ready to handle the way she writes. Otherwise she is a great person to get you to decide what you want and then do it, no excuses.

9. Danielle Laporte
Danielle Laporte writes beautiful, soul-stirring posts about life, spirituality, and everything in between. She has innovative ideas about self improvement like the idea of not improving yourself at all and the Stop Doing list.

10. Wild Sister
Wild Sister is an amazing women’s empowerment and positivity magazine (available digitally). They have so many beautiful stories full of wisdom for women of all ages and nationalities.

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What are your favorite websites for improving your life? (Besides Resilient, of course ;)… just kidding, just kidding…).

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