8 Anxiety Hacks to Lower Your Daily Stress

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Sometimes anxiety is caused by lots of little things in life – what I like to call “micro stressors” – that seem innocent on their own, but when piled together can make us stressed out. Over the last few years I’ve figured out how to eliminate most of the micro stressors in my life so that any stress that comes up in my life is caused by “big” things rather than everyday things. ?  Here are 8 anxiety hacks to lower your daily stress.

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8 Anxiety Hacks to Lower Your Daily Stress

1. Declutter your home thoroughly once so you have less to clean and worry about.

Cleaning is one of those day to day micro stressors that isn’t really super stressful on its own but once it starts to pile up and gets combined with an already-long to-do list, can make us start to feel overwhelmed and anxious. So rather than continuously clean up messes as they accrue, be proactive and declutter all your stuff so you have less to clean up in the first place.

As a general minimalist rule of thumb, keeping your surfaces clear, like countertops, floors, etc (including making your bed) will make everything look cleaner overall and feel less cluttered and stressful. Outer chaos is a reflection of inner chaos, Marie Forleo says. 🙂

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2. Turn off your computer at night and turn your phone on Do Not Disturb mode during the hours when you’re asleep.

If you get pings and beeps from your phone or computer when you’re trying to sleep, that’s going to majorly mess up with the quality of your sleep and have you waking up groggy and stressed out.

So, use the do not disturb mode to silence all texts, calls, and notifications at night (You can add a setting to allow calls from just your favorites in case of an emergency).

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3. Try taking a natural magnesium or melatonin supplement when you’re super stressed out for a quick fix.

Of course talk to your doctor before taking things, but this magnesium and melatonin can be great at calming you down in the moment and helping depression and anxiety.

Melatonin is also great for helping you sleep if your anxiety is causing insomnia or trouble sleeping.

Note: careful not to take too much as magnesium can sometimes cause tummy upsets. 😉

4. Switch to online, auto-pay billing.

Paying bills by mailing a check is pretty annoying and another micro stressor. Luckily, most places will now let you pay for various bills or subscriptions online automatically. One less thing to worry about each month.

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5. Set up reminders on your phone for anything you have to remember to do or anywhere you have to go.

Even if you have an amazing memory and you don’t think you’ll forget, setting up a reminder on your phone for an appointment, meeting, interview, something you have to do, etc, is a great way to prevent potentially a huge amount of stress and anxiety that would come from missing an important meeting.

If it’s a regular appointment or place you have to be, set a recurring reminder so you don’t even have to remember about setting up a reminder again. ?

6. Say “no” more often.

Always getting stuck doing things you don’t want to or volunteering for things when you’re already overwhelmed and short on time? Say no to things more often unless something is really important to you.

Before taking on extra responsibilities, ask yourself, “Is this actually important to me?”

7. Use products that are low-maintenance.

If you’re thinking about buying a hand-wash-only set of plates and utensils or an 8 step daily facial cleansing routine, don’t do it! If you use products that require a ton of time and effort to make work, these things will add up throughout your day and leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Instead, try to find products that are as simple as possible or serve multiple purposes (for example, using this useful item as an all purpose beauty product or buying food like rice or pasta that can be used in many different dishes).

8. Try to eliminate things that you know stress you out.

If there are certain commitments, activities, people, or tasks in your life that keep stressing you out repeatedly, see if you can eliminate any of them or lessen the time you spend doing that stuff.

Many things in life are not absolutely required, so if you hate doing something, don’t do it. ? If you have to keep something in your life, try to pinpoint exactly what it is about it that stresses you out and see if there’s any way to remedy that.

Well, there you have it. Eight anxiety hacks to lower the stress in your day to day life. Hope this has been helpful!

Anxiety Hacks to Lower Your Daily Stress

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