60+ Quotes About Perfection

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Perfection is an unobtainable ideal, and yet we still strive for it. Here are 60+ inspiring quotes about perfection and imperfection and perfectionist quotes.

Perfection Quotes | Quotes About Perfection
Perfection Quotes | Quotes About Perfection

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Do You Struggle with Being a Perfectionist?

Perfectionism can be a hard habit to break. You think if you can just get a little better or a little more perfect, then you’ll finally be happy and you can stop trying so hard and everything will be ok.

But what you don’t realize is that once you get to the new standard of perfection, you’re only going to push yourself to get to a new unobtainable level.

Perfectionism isn’t really about improving yourself and your life, it’s about feeling like you’re not good enough and that you’ll never be good enough and trying to measure up to some imaginary standard that you’ll never reach.

But you are good enough, right now, just the way you are.

Let go of the striving. Happiness and inner peace will not come when you’ve perfected everything in your life; rather, if you’re happy and peaceful now, then everything in your life will seem perfect (at least to you).

It’s the exact opposite of what you think.

You have to start with the inner work, and then the outer stuff will all resolve itself.

No perfectionism needed.

60+ Quotes About Perfection and Imperfection

“The grandest seduction of all is the myth that DOING EVERYTHING BETTER gets us where we want to be. It gets us somewhere, certainly, but not anywhere worth being.” – Shauna Niequist, Bittersweet

“Perfection is not just about control. It’s also about letting go. Surprise yourself so you can surprise the audience.” – Thomas Leroy

“Instead of waiting for perfection, run with what you do, and fix it along the way.” – Paul Arden

“Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.” – Angelique Arnauld

“The pursuit of perfection often impedes improvement.” – George Will

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Inspirational Quotes About Being Perfect

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

“Perfection cannot be defined or seen; it can only be found in your heart.” – Kelly Millar

“Perfectionism is not a quest for the best. It is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves, the part that tells us that nothing we do will ever be good enough, that we should try again.” – Julia Cameron

“It’s not that perfection cannot be achieved. It’s that it’s so hard to stop there.” – Robert Brault

“If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” – Leo Tolstoy

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More Quotes on Perfection

“Looking for perfection is the only way to motivate yourself.” – Ronnie O’Sullivan

“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali

“Perfection is a road, not a destination. Every time I live, I get an education.” – Burk Hudson

“When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target.” – George Fisher

“Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add but when there is no longer anything to take away, when a body has been stripped down to its nakedness.” – Antoine De Saint-Exupry

More Sayings About Being a Perfectionist

“Perfectionism is the enemy of progress, let go and trust the journey.”

“The pursuit of perfection is never-ending, embrace the beauty of imperfection.”

“Perfectionism is a trap, focus on progress and not perfection.”

“Perfection is not attainable, but striving for it can lead to growth and self-discovery.”

“Perfectionism is a burden, embrace your imperfections and find joy in the journey.”

“Perfectionism hinders creativity, embrace the unknown and let your imagination soar.”

“Perfectionism is a disguise for fear, face it and find the courage to chase your dreams.”

“Perfectionism is a roadblock, let go and allow yourself to take risks and make mistakes.”

“Perfectionism is a hindrance to self-growth, embrace your flaws and find your own path.”

“The pursuit of perfection is a journey, not a destination, enjoy the ride.”

“Perfectionism is a barrier to happiness, embrace your imperfections and find contentment.”

“Perfectionism is a trap, focus on the present moment and find peace.”

“Perfectionism is a weight, let it go and find freedom in self-acceptance.”

“Perfectionism is a mirage, focus on the journey and not the destination.”

“Perfectionism is a road to burnout, prioritize self-care and find balance.”

More Sayings About Perfection and Imperfection

“Perfection is not about being flawless, it’s about embracing your unique imperfections and making them beautiful.”

“The pursuit of perfection should not restrict growth and creativity, it should inspire it.”

“Perfection is a journey, not a destination.”

“Perfection is not a standard to live up to, but a goal to constantly strive for.”

“Perfection is not just about appearance, it’s about the love and care you put into your life and relationships.”

“Perfection is not an end goal, it’s a never-ending process of self-discovery and improvement.”

“Perfection should not limit you, but rather be a source of motivation to push yourself to new heights.”

“Perfection is not a competition, it’s a personal challenge to be the best version of yourself.”

“Perfection is not about conforming to society’s standards, but about embracing your own individuality.”

“Perfection is a state of mind, not a physical attribute.”

“Perfection is not something to be feared, but something to be celebrated.”

“Perfection is not the absence of mistakes, but the ability to learn from them.”

“Perfection is not a destination, but a journey that allows us to grow and evolve.”

“Perfection should not define us, but instead be a reflection of our hard work and determination.”

“Perfection is a reminder that we are all works in progress, and that’s what makes life beautiful.”

“Imperfection is the beauty of life, embrace it and let it make you unique.”

“The imperfections in life are what make it interesting and worth living.”

“Imperfection is not a flaw, it’s a characteristic that sets you apart.”

“Imperfection is a reminder that we are human and that’s what makes life so special.”

“Embracing your imperfections allows you to grow, evolve, and become a better version of yourself.”

“Imperfection is not a weakness, it’s a strength that makes you who you are.”

“Imperfection is not something to hide, but something to celebrate.”

“Imperfection is not a limitation, it’s a source of inspiration.”

“Imperfection is not a hindrance, but a journey towards self-discovery and improvement.”

“Imperfection is what makes life beautiful, don’t be afraid to embrace it.”

“Imperfection is a sign of authenticity, and that is what makes life so real.”

“Imperfection should not limit your dreams, but inspire you to chase them with passion.”

“Imperfection is what makes us human, and it’s what makes life so meaningful.”

“Imperfection is not a barrier to success, but a catalyst for growth and resilience.”

“Imperfection is not a hindrance, but a path to self-acceptance and happiness.”

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