5 Beliefs I Changed to Be Happy

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One of the hardest parts of changing your life is changing beliefs that you may have been holding onto for years. Some of these beliefs might have become such a core part of your worldview that you don’t even realize that they’re actually beliefs rather than universal truths.

But most of what we think are just beliefs, which means they can be changed. Here are 5 beliefs I changed to be happy.

5 Beliefs I Changed to Be Happy

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Note: you may or may not have any of these same beliefs, but these were just a few things that were holding me back from being happy. Some of this stuff is tough to look at in your own life, so definitely wait until you feel ready to do this kind of inner work and introspection.

5 Limiting Beliefs I Changed to Be Happy

1. Seeing myself as a victim

This one can be the hardest one to change. You might have all these stories about why you’re a victim and can come up with reasons that seemingly “prove” this, but ultimately you have to change this belief into becoming the hero of your own life in order to start making lasting changes.

Maybe you actually were the victim of something. But I heard once that there are no happy victims in life.

This one is a matter of changing how you identify yourself. Instead, turn this belief into: “I’m the hero of my own life.”

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2. Blaming others for my unhappiness

As tempting as it is to blame your family, the government, your bullies, your ex, the economy, or that random guy who just looked at you funny for why you’re not happy, you ultimately have to take responsibility for your life in order to start changing it.

Turn this into: “I’m responsible for my own happiness.”

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3. Seeing the world through a negative lens

If you follow the news or use social media a lot, it’s definitely easy to see the world in a negative light, but you have to remember that what you’re hearing still has someone’s opinions and bias in it, so it’s not necessarily a universal truth about the way the world is.

For this one, you can either seek out good things happening in the world or just avoid current events for now.

4. Needing to be right

When I was younger, I used to argue with people so much because I always wanted to be right about things and prove to them why I was right. (I cringe just thinking about it now).

But would you rather be right or be happy?

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5. Feeling like I didn’t deserve to be happy

I combatted this belief by literally making a list of 10 reasons why I deserved to be happy.

Maybe it sounds kinda silly, but if you feel like you don’t deserve to be happy, then make yourself come up with 10 reasons why you do deserve to be happy.

Change this belief to this: “I deserve to be happy.”

It’s difficult to look at some of your own beliefs about life and work on changing them, but there are definitely beliefs that can hold you back from being happy.

If you’re holding onto any of the thoughts above, changing them can make a huge difference in your happiness and general peace with life.

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More Beliefs to Change to Be Happier

A lot of being happy comes down to your personal beliefs about life and yourself. Here are 5 negative beliefs to declutter to be happier.

Are any of these beliefs getting in the way of you being happy?

1. “I won’t be happy no matter what I do.”

You will generally find that what you tell yourself about life is what becomes true, so if you continuously tell yourself that you’ll never be happy, then you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll never be happy.

Instead, tell yourself that you will be happy, even if you don’t believe it yet. 🙂

Also try this one: “I’m willing to believe that happiness is possible for me.”

2. “I’m unhappy because of [X person.]”

Although a certain person may have caused stress or unhappiness for you now or in the past, in order to get past it and actually be happy, you have to accept responsibility for what is now under your own control in your life, which is your response and attitude to what happens.

You can choose to have a positive attitude regardless of what other people think, and you can choose to remove yourself from unhealthy relationships now.

3. “I’m a broken and damaged person.”

Regardless of what happened in the past, I believe that no one is beyond hope.

At any moment you can decide to turn your life around and decide that this is not how things are going to end in your story.

4. “The world is out to get me.”

You’ll always find what you’re looking for in the world, so instead of finding situations where people were trying to hurt you, look for ways that the world is still good.

5. “I don’t deserve to be happy.”

You don’t have to do anything or be a certain kind of person to “deserve” being happy. Whether or not you deserve happiness, an abstract concept, comes down to whatever you tell yourself that you deserve.

Instead, affirm that you do deserve to be happy.

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Ultimately, your beliefs create your reality, so whatever you believe about life will become true.

You can stay stuck in the same old story with the same old beliefs, or you can shake things up and decide that you’re going to believe in a better future for your life.

It’s all up to you.

Beliefs to Change to Be Happy

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