How to Become the Person You Want to Be

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If you have a vision for the kind of person you’d like to be and you’re not there yet, reaching that transformation all comes down to asking yourself one question when you make any choice in life.  Here’s how to become the person you want to be.

How to Become the Person You Want to Be

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How to Become the Person You Want to Be

That question is this:

“If I were a ______ person already, how would I behave?”

Maybe your goal is to be happy in the future.

So you ask yourself, “If I were a happy person already, how would I behave?”

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It sounds simple but this can be so powerful.

If your goal is to become a certain kind of person, the way you get there is by behaving the way your future self would behave.

That’s it. You can bring your future self into the present by acting and behaving that way now.

This definitely works for learning to love yourself too.

If you were feeling pretty down on yourself and wanted to be the kind of person who loved themselves in the future, you would just ask,

“If I were someone who loved themselves, how would I behave?”

And then you make your decisions based on that framework.

If you were about to do something not loving, you could ask yourself this question and realize that if your future self – your ideal self – wouldn’t be behaving in a certain way, you shouldn’t be behaving that way now either. Even including the thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold.

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How to Become Your Ideal Self

You might want to start by writing out a description of your ideal future self.

How do you act? What’s important to you? How do you spend your time? How do you treat others?

Answering these questions can help you form a clearer picture of who you want to be, and ultimately help you become the person you want to be.

Try choosing a few guiding words too.

For example, compassionate, wise, happy, loving, brave, joyful, kind, forgiving, intelligent, and more.

Choose about 3-5 guiding words for your ideal self, and then use the question from before when making decisions.

If I were a kind person, how would I behave? Or, if I were a forgiving person, how would I behave?

You may have a “typical” way of behaving or doing things now, but you’re totally allowed to change that. You are allowed to change your life at any point. Not everyone will understand it, but that’s ok.

You’ll meet new people who will support the new “you” that you want to be instead of encouraging negative attitudes toward life.

At any moment you can choose to change.

Good luck. 🙂

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