5 Types of Music to Calm You Down

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Next time you’re feeling a little stressed out, let music help. Melody and rhythm can melt away tension in moments, soothing away worries like magic. Whether you sing, play, or listen to it, music will calm you down.

If your old favorites aren’t helping, try something new, like these music genres you might not already be listening to. Sometimes a fresh tune or style can offer more than a familiar one, so search the Internet for different types and see what works best for you. Here are 5 types of music to calm you down.

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5 Types of Music to Calm You Down

5 Types of Music to Calm You Down

1. Slow jazz

The syncopated rhythm of jazz releases tension instantly for some people. The easy, laid-back pace will encourage you to be laid-back, likewise, and if there’s a hint of melancholy, that can also be soothing, like a sympathetic voice in your ear. Tap the rhythm and feel your body loosen up.

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2. Choir

Choral music can be very calming. The sweet sound of blending harmonies is pleasing to the ear, while the human voice brings a sense of warmth and company. You’ll find it even more therapeutic if you join in, so hum along, whatever you’re doing. The process of taking deep breaths and letting them out slowly through beautiful sounds will make you feel on top and in control.

3. Country and Western

Hear me out. You may be sitting at home on your own, but with country and western music swinging away, you can imagine you’re out at a rural hoedown or old dance hall. The bright, pacey music will set you jigging along before you know it, joining in the lyrics and laughing at the wit. Just feel that tension draining away! Clap to the banjo beat and never mind the chores or “To do” list.

4. Classical

What to try first? That’s probably the hardest question you’ll face when dipping into the classical music range. Many people find Mozart’s symphonies calming, while others turn to Beethoven or Wagner for powerful, stirring music. For heart-lifting harmonies, you may find J.S. Bach the composer for you, but if you’re already familiar with the old masters, take the plunge with something modern and mind-stretching. If you’re still deliberating between options, look for one featuring your favourite instrument. Could a piano solo or violin concerto be the piece for you?

5. ’60s pop music

1960’s pop music is still pretty popular today. The catchy tunes and punchy beats are great for sweeping away worries, as are some of the snappy lyrics. Escape to the past with a delve into old albums you’d forgotten or never heard before. Some people go back to the earliest Beatles’ songs for their relaxation, but you’ll find all sorts to chill out to in the archives.

As for today’s top songs, you’ll know about them already, or if you don’t, you only need turn on the radio to catch up. Better still, listen live at a concert, or invite your friends around for karaoke. The ringing vibrations will heal your nerves in no time.