Are you stressed out, anxious, and wish you could just take a breather and have a few moments to do something nice for yourself?

Whether you’re frazzled, anxious, and stressed out on a daily basis, or you just want to balance out the hard work in your life with a little self care and me-time, self care can help you.

In this Self Care Planner, you'll get...

  • Lots of self care ideas
  • Journaling questions
  • Exercises to boost your self worth and self care
  • Action steps to add more self care to your life
  • Daily planner with morning and night prompts to fill in with goals, what self care you did, and more!
  • Beautiful design, images, and inspiration for your life :)

15 page printable PDF with tips, self care ideas, encouragement, and journaling questions + 1 daily self care planner printable with questions. (Not a fillable PDF)

Price: Just $12

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