Is there an “advanced level” to happiness?

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Is there an "advanced level" to happiness?


I’ve been thinking about this question lately since I’ve been happy and stable for a few years now and continue to grow as a person…

Is there an “advanced level” to happiness?

Am I just waiting to get to the next level, or is happiness not measured that way? Are certain people “experts” at being happy or fulfilled with their life?

I don’t think so. I think you’re always still a beginner, learning the same lessons in different ways.

There’s a saying: “New level, new devil.” And some have said that this should actually be, “New level, old devil” because when you start to grow into a new level in your life, usually the problems that come up for you are the same problems you’ve always dealt with. They might look a little different but deep down they’re the same fundamental problems.

So as you work on your personal journey toward happiness, you might find that you keep running into the same problems. In this case there are two things you can do.

One, go back and work on the basics. I don’t think there are really any expert-level “secrets” to happiness, so instead you can focus on what was already working for you that you’ve tried in the past. If something doesn’t work for you, just move on to something else, because there will be something out there that helps you. All you have to do is keep trying.

Work on things like forgiveness, gratitude, being positive, improving your attitude, etc. Just go back and keep working on the fundamentals. There’s always something new you can learn or some way you can improve in a certain area.

Next, if you keep running into the same problems then it’s possible that you’re sabotaging yourself. Not on purpose, but just that you feel uncomfortable being in a new place in your life and you’d feel much safer where things are familiar to you, even if they’re not always good. You might want to read our article about self sabotage.

Happiness is pretty simple (though not always easy). Once you learn the basics behind it then you pretty much have all you need to start making positive changes in your life. Taking consistent action is the hard part, especially when you don’t feel motivated.

So just do what you can right now and take little baby steps every day and eventually you’ll start getting results and build momentum, and one day you may even feel like you’re an expert at this whole happiness thing. 🙂

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