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5 Ways to Regain Hours a Week for Yourself

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5 Ways to Regain Hours a Week for Yourself


If you’ve read any other blog posts on Resilient, you may have found some ideas for self care or improving your life that you want to try implementing but you just don’t have time to. In that case, here are my suggestions for 5 ways to regain hours a week for yourself.

What you do with your newfound time is up to you, but I’d recommend something like self care, meditation, walking, reading, etc.

1. Stop doing chores so often (yes, you have permission)
I would estimate that I spend less than 20 minutes a week doing chores in my apartment. Nowadays it’s mostly just cleaning dishes, but then every couple weeks there’s laundry too and occasionally picking things up. Your home does not need to be spotless. Don’t stress out about it – five years from now, it won’t matter how clean your room was (unless the clutter is causing you anxiety). Instead of spending time cleaning something, take that time for yourself. 🙂

2. Don’t make meals from scratch
Sorry Mom. I save so much time by not cooking. And I actually only eat out a couple times a month. So what I do instead is make things like sandwiches, salads, soup, and pasta (in my pasta boat!!). I also sometimes get frozen food but I try to be reasonably healthy. It’s easy (and cheap) to buy a bag of baby carrots and a few apples and bananas and you have instant healthy snacks that require absolutely no cooking or preparation. All of the meal ideas I listed will only take a few minutes to make. Less cooking = more time to relax (unless cooking is how you relax).

3. Replace social media with something productive
I use a Chrome extension called the Facebook Newsfeed Eradicator that lets you go on Facebook but just replaces your newsfeed with an inspirational quote. I prefer this to something like Self Control that completely blocks Facebook because I can still see if I have any messages or notifications. And honestly, any time I turn my newsfeed back on for a while, I start scrolling through and get instantly stressed out and anxious. We definitely don’t need that in our life. Seriously. Turn off your newsfeed for a week and see how much your stress levels go down.

4. Meditate or read during your breaks
No matter how busy you are or how stuffed your schedule, you’re bound to have some kind of natural breaks somewhere in there. This could be when you’re in a car or bus, an actual lunch break, or maybe while you’re in the shower or before you go to bed. There are also a lot of little pockets in the day that you might otherwise pull out your phone and scroll through Facebook. Resist the urge. Instead, use these little windows of time to meditate, people watch quietly, read for fun, or just disconnect from digital for a few moments. You need white space in your day when you just sit and do nothing.

5. Simplify your daily routines
For daily routines, I’m talking about things like getting ready for school or work and getting ready for bed. Take shorter showers, get ready without stopping every few minutes to check your phone, pick your outfit out ahead of time, and put everything in its place so you don’t have to go searching for any products you use daily.

Ok, with these tips you could easily save yourself an hour or two a day or maybe 5-10 hours every week. That’s actually a lot of time that you now have available to put our other self improvement tips into action, read about personal development, use Resilient, etc. Good luck. 🙂

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