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Budget Transformation

Are you tired of spending too much on random stuff and not having any money left over for the important things?

Then you need a budget!

Budget Transformation cover

If you’re not keeping track of your spending and saving with a budget, you could be spending way more than you realize.

It’s easier than you think to spend too much and save too little and not have anything left over for the things that really matter in life.

The best way to take control of your personal finances is to start with creating a budget and learning how to save money.

In Budget Transformation, I’ll walk you through how to create a budget that works for you and is taken care of automatically – so you don’t have to think about keeping track of everything or saving your receipts.

It’s not about depriving yourself from everything and never having any fun, but it is about creating priorities for your spending and figuring out what’s really important to you in life.

If you want to…

– Build up your savings

– Pay off debt

– Save money for a down payment

– Pay off student loans

– Go on a trip

– Buy a new Macbook

… then you need a budget.  For the price of a few frappuccinos at Starbucks, I’ll show you how in this ebook. 🙂

Note: This ebook is probably not for you if you’re in dire financial straits.  I’m assuming that you have a regular monthly income that we can use to create your budget.

Your Investment: $12

Here’s a preview of what’s inside Budget Transformation…

There are a few sections that are posts from our blog (which you can read as a preview of the ebook!), but the majority of the content is brand new.

  • Why You Need a Budget
  • The Most Important Part of All of This
  • Looking At Your Current Situation
  • How to Create a Budget
  • How to Budget on an Irregular Income
  • Why You Need Wiggle Room in Your Budget
  • Setting Money Goals
  • How to Stick to a Budget
  • Does This Purchase Get You Closer to Your Goals?
  • The Mindset Shift You Need to Actually Stick to Your Budget
  • Do You Really Need to Cut Out Lattes?
  • How to Create Spending and Saving Priorities
  • How to Resist Keeping Up With the Joneses
  • How to Save Money Without Really Trying
  • 23 Random Ways to Save Money
  • How to Stop Impulse Spending
  • How to Avoid “Frugal Fatigue”
  • Actually Putting Money Into Savings
  • Automating Your Savings Habit
  • Do You Have to Be Frugal Forever?
  • Reaching Your Goals

42 pages of budgeting and saving money tips and advice.

Your Investment: $12


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